Scottie Microfritz


This is a range of super quality fritz supplied in a generous 1.5m length on an easy use bobbin.

The Scottie Microfritz is a 5mm jell core material ideal for lure bodies to give your flies that something extra. Stillwater trout find patterns tied with these materials irresistible in the colours we offer.

This is top quality material made specifically for fly tying. Microfritz can be used to replace traditional materials in your favourite patterns to add a hot spot. Ideal for Crunchers, Cats whiskers, etc – adding and additional dimension to your old favourites.

Also ideal for tying Blobs, Fabs or Boobies on smaller hooks.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

Bright Yellow, Coral, Dark Orange, Hot Orange, Peach, Shocking Pink, Sunburst Peach