We attend a number of fly fairs and fishing shows both here in the UK and on the continent. We might be a small, traditional company, but produce home-grown, quality products that are second to none. We are also one of only handful of British producers of fly tying feathers still doing it the time-honoured way, and proudly continue this tradition.

Many professional fly tyers swear by our feathers and we have many friends in the game fishing world. Each year we are also glad to attend game fairs and fly fishing events such as the Irish Fly Fair in Galway, the British Fly Fair International ( BFFI) at Stafford. Here you can see our materials for yourself and see the quality first hand.


Details of Forthcoming Fly Fairs and Game Fairs

Venue Dates Details

Galway Bay Hotel

12th/13th November Irish Fly Fair
Putte, Belgium

26th/27th November

Fly Fair