• Magpie skin

    These have superb feathering, all winter shot with lovely black and white feathers and natural metallic sheen



  • Guinea Fowl Skins

    Huge, full skins packed with gorgeous spotty hackles, these birds are fully mature when they are harvested, unlike most guinea skins available today. These birds are the French table birds, known in France as Pintarde.  Our birds are crammed into an A3 pack with difficulty, most guinea skins that you buy today don't even fill an A4 pack - half the size, and many have brown, immature hackles instead of the mature grey spotted hackles.  We can dye these any colour, but offer a range ready dyed in the most popular colours, including some unusual ones such as Sunburst and Royal Blue - absolutely stunning!  The Sunburst could easily be used to recreate a jungle cock substitute by stripping off some of the side barbs to leave the central, coloured spot.



  • Grouse Skins

    Beautiful and versatile, the grouse is a skin which provides hackles for many traditional fly patterns. The full skin provides lots of beautiful and varied fly tying feathers.


  • Woodcock skin

    Local to us here in Devon, these birds provide useful natural soft hackle



  • French Partridge skins

    These beautiful skins have all been locally sourced, processed and dyed by ourselves.  We have produced a stunning range of colours and found there to be a huge range of usable feathers besides the barred flank feathers.  Super spiders can be tied with the body hackle, and some of the spotted neck hackles could also be used for jungle cock substitutes on smaller flies. 


  • Partridge Skin

    Partridge skins from birds now grown here on the farm and harvested at their peak. Excellent for tying leggy nymphs and traditional spider patterns. No shot holes or missing hackles, gorgeous full skins. Skins may be from hen or cock birds, if you have a definite preference then please contact us.



  • Pheasabou

    This is the entire breast and undercarriage of the pheasant.  As the name suggests, this includes the soft, fluffy, marabou-like feathers from the cushion of the bird.  Some amazingly marked feathers providing a variety of uses, from the long fibred gold side feathers, to the mobile 'marabou' useful for tailing smaller wet flies.
    Possible useful substitute for increasingly difficult to source schlappen as the barbs can be up to an inch long (approx 2.3cm ) either side of the stem.


  • Pheasant

    Ringneck Pheasants, locally sourced and varying widely in colour.  We have the standard reddish shades, down to pale golden straw and from olive green to iridescent blacks.  Email us if you are looking for specific colouration.


  • Pheasant - Rump Patches

    Handy, select rump patches from pheasants, providing long fibres suitable for many larger fly patterns.  These give you the opportunity to use a specific type of hackle according to your needs, without the need to buy an entire skin.  Beautifully dyed in a range of colours, or simply natural, all are affordable, why not experiment and see the opportunities to innovate without lightening your wallet too much!


  • Pheasant Capes

    Capes from ringneck pheasants, either natural or dyed in an amazing array of colours providing some useful feathers both in the patterned range, but also the white ring provides an incredibly glossy feather when dyed and is a useful substitute for many unobtainable classic feathers.  Dyed bright blue, can be substituted for blue chatterer or kingfisher, dyed Sunburst - a passable substitute for Indian Crow!



  • Pheasant Gold Sides

    The gold side feathers taken from the breast of the bird.  Affordable, gorgeous feathers natural or dyed, providing wonderfully long fibres which, when dyed, make excellent soft hackles for larger salmon/sea trout flies.


  • Pheasant Shoulder Patches

    Taken from just above the wing, these gorgeous little patches hold some beautifully marked feathers useful for hackling wet fly patterns.  The fibres are soft, mobile and can be very effective when used on spider patterns especially.


  • Pheasant Tail Clumps

    The entire tail clump from Ringneck pheasants.  These provide the long centre tails, and sides, also underneath are some lovely tailing feathers usually lightly speckled.  Either natural or dyed, useful and good value.



  • Quail Skin

    Produced here on our farm.  Many different colour variations available, including white which can be dyed to your requirements.