• CDC

    As with many of our products, our CdC is sourced locally and dyed here at Chevron Hackles.  Assorted sizes and choice of 1g or generous 2g pack size, our CdC is top quality and very real value.  Dyeing is always done at lowest possible temperatures to maintain original qualities of CdC, and is lightly treated after dyeing so has that special touch of oiliness to replace any lost in the dyeing process.  Found on our website and at select retail outlets.  Second option is the 2gr pack.



  • Emu feathers

    These beautiful soft feathers are unrivalled for tying Woolly buggers but also tie a wonderful Mayfly, according to our Australian adviser. A mix of soft, mobile feathers from the breast of the bird with surprisingly supple stems, and sharper, spiky feathers from the rump used for tailing.  Currently available in limited quantities.



  • Gallo De Leon

    Gold Grade Gallo de Leon now in stock, usually called Coq de Leon,  genuine feathers from farms in Spain.  Many colours are available and vary widely, please check before purchase.  These hackles are not brought in from America, they are the real deal complete with sharp, long hackles, supple stems and that typical 'glassiness' which only comes from the genuine article. Pardo are the patterned, or speckled feathers, Indio are plain and usually without speckling.  Colggadera comes from further down the back of the bird, towards the saddle and are longer but with shorter and less stiff barbs.



  • Mallard Feathers

    Hand plucked to retain stem integrity, these feathers are all locally sourced and cleaned and dyed here at Chevron Hackles.  Sold in 2g packs



  • Partridge Flank Feathers

    Barred flank feathers from the French Partridge.  These useful hackles are sold in 2g packs, natural or dyed.



  • Pheasant tail feathers

    Natural or dyed in a range of colours, carefully selected from locally sourced birds. Top quality feathers only supplied.