Tying Flies with Coq de Leon

Our guest blogger this month is author and fly fisherman Dominic Garnett, who provides starting points and some handy tips on using Gallo or Coq de Leon feathers.

With a dazzling natural sparkle and fantastic markings, Gallo de Leon (aka ‘Coq de Leon’) feathers have a most natural attraction to the fly tyer. Hold them in the light and you’ll see what all the fuss us about; they have an almost unholy shimmer of life.

New Product Range

French Partridges dyed

This Autumn we have begun to offer special beauty treatments to some rather lovely birds - in short, the much underrated French Partridge.  We have produced an exotic range of colours on these lovely birds and find that not only are the flank feathers of huge appeal, but also the body hackles and wings, neck hackles too, are all ultimately useable and provide a wonderful selection of hackles for salmon flies, spider patterns and many more.  On the Sunburst one in particular, the small spotted neck hackles provide an almost perfect and totally natural replica for the Jungle Cock hackle w